Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simpsons in other Languages

I've been laughing at these for a while, I figured with us discussing some of them on the most recent Swimcast, I'll post them up here:

First we have a more popular one... if you haven't seen this, you've missed out:

Ralph plays Duck, Duck, Goose in Spanish:

Wait, this one gets better...

Ralph plays Duck, Duck, Goose in German:

From Germany we go to Russia:

And France...

And now much worse... they don't even try here...

Ralph plays Duck, Duck, Goose in ?:

So that's the Ralph section... now on to an even weirder one of Homer singing the Meow Mix song...

Okay... so at least he kinda tried.. but how about this one...

Wow.... okay, he didn't try at all... on to Italy now... certainly they have an idea of what Meow Mix is....... right?

Hoookay... I'm done now. x_x

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